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shawn zivontsis of toronto is the new president of earth

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shawn zivontsis , age 19 , of toronto canada , is the next president of earth . shawn will begin his one year term as president of earth on january first , 2012 . shawn will run for re election on december first , 2012 , if he wants to . congradulations shawn . well done . you are now a non paid employee of global internet government . I am your new boss , charles webster baer , current president of earth and president and owner of gig . please make a you tube video declaring all of these facts and information about what your term is going to be like and what your going to do . I also want to thank , and I am sure shawn wants to thank , stefan . stefan got the most votes and would have won but he did not want to be president of earth so he dropped out . Im sure he is going to regret that decision for the next 65 years , but , well , there it is .




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