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1 WHEN WILL BEND ELECT A MAYOR ? on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:32 pm



by charles webster baer


january 27th , 2012


hi . my name is charles . I live in bend oregon . I want to vote for my mayor . I can not do that . bend does not have a bend mayorial election . so I decided to write an article about the possibility of a bend mayorial election in the future .

the bend city council has until august to make a decision . the decision is to whether or not they should put a charter amendment on the november ballot . the charter amemndment would allow bend voters to decide if they want to have a bend mayorial election or not . I hope that the city council will decide to put the charter amendment on the ballot . I dont think that they will and I will tell you why .

this month the bend city council had an opportunity to put the charter amemndment on the ballot in may . they chose not to do this . they voted 4-3 to not even consider to do this . I will refer to the four as the AD4 . the anti democracy four .

I think every bend city council person is a great person , a smart person , a hard working and underpaid and underappriciated person . I think all the members of the bend city council are doing a fantastic job . however , it seems to me that the issue of the bend mayorial election is reaching a tipping point . I think that most residents of bend want a bend mayorial election and I think that number is growing quickly . I think an elected mayor has much more authority than a non elected mayor .

this year people all over the world are laying down their lives to bring democracy to their countries . the people of bend are being ignored by their own congressman . I think think that if you want a bend mayorial election , the logical step would be to vote for anyone who is running against one of the AD4 .

the AD4 are

tom greene



kathie eckman



mark capell



scott ramsay



again , I am fond of and support the AD4 . however , they are clearly on the wrong side of this fence , and this is a big fence .




charles webster baer is the founder and president of global internet government .




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